Terms and Conditions



Practitioners are required to ensure that they practice from appropriate premises that comply with current health and safety regulations.


Practitioners shall be free to advertise their services and practices as they see fit, subject to such advertisements being legal, decent, honest and truthful in accordance with the South African Code of Advertising Practice, or appropriate code of whichever country they are practising in.

Advertising must not be of a character that could reasonably be regarded as likely to bring the profession into disrepute, nor be such as to abuse the trust of existing or potential patients or exploit their lack of knowledge.

Practitioners/Teachers should only advertise treatments/courses that they are qualified and registered to do.


Practitioners are required to maintain careful records of all patient contracts, interviews and treatments. All such information shall remain strictly confidential and properly safeguarded and not accessible to third parties without the written consent of the patient.

Practitioners should only advertise treatments or recommend medications of food supplements when they are qualified to do so. They may, however, advise the patient to seek other types of help or treatment when, in their professional opinion, this would be an appropriate course of action.


The purpose of this code is to define ethical standards, rules and responsibility in regard to Reiki and Crystal Healing, under which Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Master Teachers while entering into membership, shall agree to be bound to while in membership.

All RASA members commit to:

  • ●  Act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations for the country in which the act of healing is conducted

  • ●  (In South Africa) Act in accordance to the South African Protection of Personal Information Act

  • ●  Comply with local municipal by-laws and prevailing industry occupational health and safety regulations where the act of healing is conducted.

  • ●  The following responsibilities for all Levels of Practitioners and/or Teachers:

  • All levels of Practitioners/Teachers must provide a private, clinically and hygienically-appropriate dedicated and compliant space for healing sessions and/or Training

  • All levels of Practitioners/Teachers are required by law to maintain adequate records of all patients/students, and all information shall remain strictly confidential and properly safeguarded.

  • No RASA member may diagnose or offer a cure, and under no circumstance may there be any inference or suggestion that the patient discontinue with any allopathic medication or treatment regime prescribed by a medical professional

  • No RASA member may use titles or descriptions that are suggestive of medical qualifications, unless (s)he possesses such qualifications and is registered with the appropriate professional body of the country in which (s)he trained and in which (s)he intends to practice.

    b. CONDUCT
    All RASA members commit to:

  • ●  Maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct appropriate to membership, and to observe the highest degree of integrity and responsibility in Natural Energy Healing, including but not limited to Reiki and/or Crystal Healing, where the interests and welfare of the patient/student are paramount.

  • ●  Maintaining by means of continuous professional development a level of competence with the highest standards of membership.

  • ●  Do nothing to entice patients/ students away from other professional colleagues, allowing that patients/students have the right to choose and change practitioners/teachers if and as they so wish.

  • ●  Refrain from all acts or criticisms which might conceivably bring a professional colleague or association or the energy healing industry generally, and reiki and crystal healing specifically into disrepute; including the ‘hijacking’ of social media pages, groups, posts and industry forums managed/owned by RASA or RASA members and de facto industry forums, with explicit or implied inflammatory remarks and/or unsolicited commentary

  • ●  Note: RASA Master Practitioners (RASAMP) do not automatically qualify as Master Teachers (RASAMT). Should a Master Practitioner teach Reiki without RASA Registration and RASAMT compliance/approval as a RASAMT they will automatically be de-registered.


● The Executive Council may, on investigation, de-register any member found guilty of contravening the spirit or letter of the Code of Practice and Ethics or on the grounds of any other act that the Executive Council may consider to adversely reflect on the good name and reputation of Crystal Healers International and/or The Reiki Association of Southern Africa. In addition any member found guilty by a Court of Law of criminal activities which conflict with his/her professional status will automatically be de-registered.

  • ●  Any addiction to drugs and other intoxicating substances will result in an immediate suspension of membership whilst investigations are carried out.

  • ●  It is essential that practitioners/teachers are sensitive to the dangers of sexual harassment and make every effort to avoid potentially difficult situations.

  • ●  Acts of indecent assault are criminal and need not only be physical – it is sufficient that the patient feels threatened.

  • ●  Practitioners/teachers may not or discriminate against any client irrespective of age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation


  • ●  Any decision of the Executive Committee will be final. Any appeal for the disciplinary matter to be reconsidered or set aside must be made in writing to the NPC contact person

  • ●  The Executive Committee may amend or introduce additional provisions into this code when and if it is thought to be appropriate.

  • ●  The Executive Committee may open an account with any financial institution, which is to be operated on a credit basis only.

Reiki Association of Southern Africa (RASA) and Crystal Healing International (CHI – A chapter of RASA)

NPC Registration number: 2023/737446/08  

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