Membership Requirements

In order promote Reiki in South Africa and enhance the client/patient experience, we ensure that our RASA accredited Reiki practitioners, Master and Teachers are able to meet the needs of the community that has become increasingly plagued by chronic illness, dread disease, trauma and emotional turmoil. In keeping with this we have set our membership requirements accordingly and demand high standards of education and training and our membership requirements reflect this.

Reiki I, II & Advanced
Minimum of 10 weeks with an extra 2 modules at the discretion of the teacher to make it a 12 week course. 36 hours of teaching time plus 4 hours of supervised practical work is required. Recommended Additional Training: Unsupervised practical’s, reading and research.

Reiki Master – Shihan Kaku
Masters training is undertaken at least one year after completing Advanced Training.  The training is to span over a 4 week period and include 7 hours practical and 7 hours teaching.  This is then to be followed by a compulsory 90 minute demonstrated practical assessment by an external examiner. 25 case studies to be presented before the practical assessment – Minimum 5 people x 5 treatments, which must include the full spectrum, of all levels of Reiki healing and evidence of prior learning and understanding of natural/holistic healing.

Reiki Master Teacher – Shihan
The Master teacher can franchise an existing course from a qualified RASA teacher or if the teacher prefers to write their own manuals then they will need to submit to RASA for perusal by 3 teachers. Course content, syllabus outline, lesson preparation, copies of manuals and copy of Master/Practitioner certificate. It is recommended that the teacher has practiced as a Master Practitioner for 3 to 5 years prior to teaching.


Joining Fee: R 480.00 (Once Off)
Annual Web Site Fee: R 200.00
Master Upgrade Fee: R 200.00
Teaching Fee: R 500.00
Academy Fee: R 1500.00

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ABSA Bank – Hermanus – 630212
Flexi Account No: 9349817246

Received applications are processed once a month, so there may be a 4-6 week delay from the date you sent through your application.  Please be patient, we will process as fast as possible.

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