Reiki Association of South Africa

History of RASA


RASA’s Reiki Journey Begins

Back in May 2001, a passionate group of Reiki teachers and practitioners came together with a dream. They envisioned a Southern African association dedicated to promoting Reiki at its best, ensuring the highest quality of teaching and healing practices across the region. This dream became a reality with the founding of RASA!

The very first RASA meeting took place on August 27th, 2001, at the Bella Vita Centre. It all started with a core group of 8 amazing individuals, including Karen Lange (Chairperson), Bev Moss (Vice Chairperson), Eva Kujawa (Administrator), and Margaret Ann Stolle (Secretary).

Since then, RASA has been on a mission to spread the word about Reiki! We’ve participated in Esoteric fairs, published articles, and given talks, all to raise awareness and establish the credibility of Reiki as a healing modality, as well as promote the Association.

RASA: Sharing the Power of Reiki

At RASA, we’re passionate about educating people about Reiki’s potential to improve overall health and well-being. We believe this practice can be a valuable tool for many.

RASA’s story is one of incredible growth. From that initial group of 8, we’ve become a community of over 1 680 registered practitioners and 8 registered teachers! The Master Teachers’ training programs are renowned for their quality, receiving recognition both locally and internationally. RASA is also dedicated to establishing strong prerequisites for Reiki teachers, working alongside relevant accreditation bodies.

With a strong foundation and a commitment to excellence, RASA continues to flourish, offering Reiki to the Southern African community while maintaining its high standards.

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