Find a RASA Accredited Reiki Master Teacher

Meet Our Experienced Reiki Master Teachers!

We’re proud to have a team of passionate and highly qualified Reiki Master Teachers accredited by the Reiki Association of Southern Africa (RASA).

Our Master Teachers are dedicated to excellence in both their practice and teaching of Reiki. They’ve mastered their skills through extensive experience, having practiced as Reiki Masters for at least 5 years. This depth of knowledge ensures they can provide you with the highest quality Reiki training available.

But what truly sets our Master Teachers apart is their commitment to empowering you on your Reiki journey. They’re not just instructors – they’re dedicated guides who actively participate in the Reiki community and constantly learn and grow alongside their students.

Why Choose a RASA Master Teacher for Your Reiki Training?

When you choose to learn Reiki with one of our RASA-accredited Master Teachers, you can be confident you’re receiving:

Quality, Consistent Training: Our Master Teachers adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and established teaching standards, ensuring a consistent and high-calibre learning experience.
Extensive Experience: Each Master Teacher has a minimum of five years experience as a Reiki Master Practitioner. This ensures they have in-depth knowledge and the ability to address your specific needs and questions effectively.
Accredited Expertise: Each Master Teacher is fully accredited by RASA, guaranteeing their qualifications and commitment to the practice of Reiki.
Broader Knowledge: Many of our Master Teachers have expanded their knowledge by completing additional training in complementary practices, offering you a well-rounded learning experience.

Ready to embark on your path to Reiki mastery? Browse our Master Teacher profiles to find the perfect guide for your journey!


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