Celebrating the Feminine

In today’s fast-paced western world, the dominant energy that drives society is mainly masculine. From government to business to the home, masculine ideals such as assertiveness, competitiveness, and facts over feelings are praised and prioritised. While these characteristics are not negative and certainly have a place, our society’s preference for them allows them to take over and to drive us forward at an aggressive pace.

Our feminine side gets expressed when we move with the flow of life, embrace our creative energy, dance, play, and attune to our internal process. These traits are not associated with gender. What we’ve come to define as “feminine”  stems from the expectations we used to place on women throughout history, to behave a certain way. For people of all genders, both feminine and masculine energy are necessary in order to feel like a complete person.

Here are some of the simple things that you can do to get more in touch with your feminine energy:


Many of us are so busy that we rarely take time to listen to what’s going on inside of us. If we’re always acting in an extroverted way, it creates division within. We lose touch with our deeper selves. This can be easily modified. All you have to do is internally connect to who you are. An excellent way to do this is through Reiki therapy. When you work with a Reiki or any therapist to explore your thoughts and feelings, you’re essentially diving into your deeper, internal and feminine side. Self-healing can deeply connect you to your internal feminine.


Places can be characterised as either masculine or feminine, depending on their predominant characteristics. The feminine is life force energy. Places like the forest, jungle, parks, and the ocean are abundant with natural feminine energy. Go there when you’re feeling out of sync and in need of revitalization. Connect with nature through Reiki.


The feminine is the creative force. Femininity historically described women, and, of course, many women have bodies that are designed to create life. But creation can occur in many ways—artistic expression, writing, dance, painting, or dreaming up new ideas. Envision what you want to create. Anything that expresses your flow is considered feminine.


While the masculine is defined by logic, the feminine is expressed through emotions. We all have emotional selves, but many of us haven’t been taught how to understand our feelings. If you’re confused about your emotional process, don’t worry; you can learn to be more attuned to yourself. Do this by listening to how you feel and boosting your emotional intelligence. As you get to know your feeling states, you’ll automatically begin to feel more whole.


Let’s be honest: We don’t value holidays, connection, downtime, or rest as much as we should! We’re overworked (over-masculinized), and therefore don’t often experience the spontaneous joys of life. Too many of us wait until our next holiday to feel relaxed and playful again. Don’t wait that long! You can have mini-holidays every day. Prioritise downtime and time for relaxation. Read books, listen to music, do yoga, Reiki self-healing, and simply enjoy the moment. When you get out of your overworked state, you’ll feel more like yourself again.


Some of us think of the feminine as being quiet and rejuvenating, but that’s only half the story. Feminine energy is bold as well—it’s the force of transformation. If things in your life are no longer working for you, it is feminine energy that forces you to make a change. This can be dramatic! Destruction comes before creation, we must say goodbye to the old to welcome the new.

While this process of transformation can feel disruptive and scary at times, it is necessary. After all, we’re changing all the time. Without the powerful movement of feminine energy, both soothing and unnerving, we would remain stagnant. And nobody wants that.

It’s easy to lose touch with your feminine side, but as you can see, it’s a necessary aspect of who you are. If you feel burned out, overworked, fragmented, or exhausted, you’re in desperate need of feminine energy to restore, inspire, and enliven you. Implement these practices, and the feminine will bring you back to life. Working with Reiki on a daily basis – for your self and others, will go a long way to balancing you and bringing you closer to understanding the Divine Feminine.

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