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Yvonne* first came to me in January for reiki with badly bruised feet from participating in a cultural festivity. She was hobbling and was clearly in a lot of discomfort. We had the normal background chat before starting her session but I sensed there was definitely something else going on in her life. She eventually told me about her HIV positive status but she dodged questions regarding her childhood and adolescence. I did a reiki healing session (lots of sensations in various areas) with most focus on the feet. As I was finishing off her session she became very emotional. She said she didn’t know where all the tears were coming from but they just kept coming like a wave. We spoke while she had some water but she was too upset for me to try and dig a little deeper. Intuitively I just knew it was not the time. Once calmer she went on her way. I followed up with her the next day. She said her feet were much better and she had slept very well although she had had a terrible headache before going to bed.

On her next visit we managed to go into her past. Yvonne* had a very traumatic childhood. She had no idea who her real father was, her mother was a violent alcoholic and her step father raped her repeatedly between the ages of 9 and 13. She would hide and sleep outside on the days her mother had beaten her while in a drunken stupor or if she recognised the warning signs of yet another imminent rape. She tried speaking to her school teacher and a family member but they refused to believe her. So, she just bottled it all up and coped as best she could.

As we spoke she realised that her choice of romantic partners during adolescence and early adulthood was based on her craving for the love, care and security she had never had. Obviously these all ended in varying degrees of disaster and in most cases further abuse. Yvonne* has also been struggling with her own sense of identity from not knowing, and a need to know who her real father is. She has two children and is the breadwinner for her extended family including her mother. This session I did an intuitive healing which included scooping heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra areas. I was also guided to do a chakra balance. She was given an affirmation to do every day (“I am worthy of love and respect”). Although still very emotional Yvonne’s* energy felt somewhat lighter and she said she felt as if a heavy weight and fog was starting to lift away from her. Her sessions continued and progress was slowly being made. Feedback was that she was starting to feel more in her own power and able to look at things a lot more clearly. Even an abusive phone call from her mother hadn’t once again turned her into an emotional wreck. She had managed to stay calm and respectfully stood her ground.

Yvonne* has been waiting for her most recent HIV test results. With the last test not showing great results she was understandably feeling apprehensive. One can only imagine her shock when the Doctor told her he couldn’t explain it but her test came back completely clear! When she told me there was laughter and tears of pure joy! She said she asked him three times if he had the right test results and if he was joking!

Our sessions will continue, always asking for healing for the highest good of all concerned. I cannot tell you how overwhelmed with love and gratitude I am. However, the greatest gratitude goes to the divine presence, angels, archangels and ascended masters whose presence was very strongly felt during all of the sessions. Each and every one of us is so truly blessed to have been given such a wonderful gift of self-healing. Love and light to all.

Namaste. Elaine Stavrou.

*Name has been changed to protect identity.