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Committed to ensuring the highest standard of Reiki healing and teaching, RASA is dedicated to the upliftment of Reiki in Southern Africa. RASA supports Reiki practitioners and those exploring a life with Reiki as a spiritual practice and healing art.
Interested in learning about Reiki? Download our information guide to explore the basics and benefits of Reiki for personal well-being.
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Feel confident in your choice of an accredited Reiki Practitioner.

Each Practitioner practices Reiki with integrity, compassion, and respect for every your journey towards healing and well-being.

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Our passionate and highly qualified Reiki Master Teachers,  bring extensive experience to their teaching. With at least 5 years of practice as Reiki Masters, they ensure the highest quality training, dedicated to excellence in both practice and instruction.

Energy from the sun emulates Reiki Energy

What is Reiki?


Reiki is an ancient healing art that promotes healing by channelling the energy all around us,  through the hands.

 Reiki practitioners act as conduits, facilitating the delivery of this universal energy to individuals in need.

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Join RASA and be part of a community dedicated to uplifting the well-being of others. Through our rigorous training and high standards, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to make a real difference in the lives of those facing chronic illness, stress, and emotional challenges.

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"True healing is the mutual journey of self-discovery and shared compassion, where the mending of one's own wounds becomes the pathway to helping others heal theirs."

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Committed to ensuring the highest standard of Reiki healing and teaching for you

RASA was founded in May 2001 by a handful of Reiki Practitioners and Teachers who sought to establish a South African Reiki Association.

Their vision was an association that would promote and enhance the highest standard of Reiki healing and teaching in South Africa.

From an initial 8 core members in 2001, RASA has grown to over 1,600 registered Practitioners, and 8 registered Teachers. From these small beginnings, RASA continues to grow and maintain its high standards of membership.

All RASA Courses support the SAQA (The South Africa Qualifications Authority) – Qualification # 118846
(all minimum standards required by SAQA are met)

Spotlight on Reiki Masters

We Introduce three of our Reiki Master Teachers to you..

Karen Lange


Karen is a Reiki Grand Master and Master Teacher (1999) and is a qualified Motivational Speaker. She teaches in Gauteng, Pretoria and Knysna.

Karen is the Chairperson of RASA and is the Karuna Reiki Practitioner Representative for South Africa. Karen is recognized as a teacher by the Jikiden Reiki institute in Kyoto Japan, and Karen is a gifted Psychic.

Karen Lange Chairperson RASA

Alanha Prior


Alanha is the owner of Energencia Academy (2019). She is a qualified Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Healing Teacher (2014). Alanha is the RASA and Crystal Healers Representative and teaches in Kwazulu Natal.

Alanha is a Spiritual Hypnotherapist, a Psychic Medium and an intuitive healer. She runs her own healing Practice in Waterfall. 

Alanha Prior

Gina Ambrose


Gina is a RASA Accredited Reiki Master and Master Teacher in the Western Cape. She teaches Usui Shiki Ryoho, Karuna® Reiki, Usui Reiki Ryoho, Gendai Reiki and Seichem Reiki. Gina has trained in Jikiden Reiki and is registered with the Jikiden Institute in Japan.

Gina is a trustee for RASA, in charge of memberships and marketing.

Reiki Master Gina Ambrose

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