Reiki Association South Africa
Our Purpose is to Promote & Enhance Healing
Through the Power of Reiki Energy


Our face is in expression of our inner selves. It shows our joy, fear or anger and reflects the trials and tribulations of our lives. Our skin is the communicator between the outer world and our inner world. It marks our boundaries and very often when these boundaries have been overstepped, our skin reacts by blushing in shame, flushing in anger, spotting with self doubt or glowing with love and excitement. Any skin blemish is a result of emotional or psychological unhappiness. We all know how our skin gets when we are stressed and how it has an iridescent glow when we are truly happy. By balancing our energy fields through energy healing like Reiki, the psychological / mental upheavals are normalised giving us a renewed sense of well-being. Our circulation is improved and breathing becomes more effective and we radiate good energy.