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As a Reiki practitioner one often gets asked the question, “Will having an Reiki treatment clash with my religion?” As an Indian Head and Shoulders massage teacher prospective students and clients alike often ask me the same questions. Therefore, I find the need to clarify the difference between spirituality and religion not only for the sake of students and clients but also for the practitioner as such. Often it happens that practitioner is not able to give a clear answer to this type of question when asked.

The Oxford Encyclopaedia defines spirituality and religion as follows:

“Religion – Belief in or sensing of some superhuman controlling power or powers, entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship, or in a system defining a code of living especially as a means to achieve spiritual or material improvement; acceptance of such belief (especially as represented by an organised Church) as a standard of spiritual and practical life; the expression of this in worship etc. Also, action or conduct indicating such belief.”

“Spirituality – The quality or condition of being spiritual, regard for spiritual as opposed to material things. The fact or condition of being immaterial. Formerly also an immaterial being or substance.”

Let us know consider the wise words of Reiki master Jennie Austin:

“It is important not to get the concept of spirituality mixed with that of religion. Reiki does not tie into any particular religion. People of all sorts of beliefs and cultures are initiated into Reiki and benefit from it daily. In many cultures today, this link with our own spirituality and the Divine/Almighty/Goddess/God/Great Spirit/Higher Self – whatever you choose to call it – has been lost. The loss of this natural and necessary link has caused many problems that we can see around us. It is a bit like trying to bake a cake without the flour. It doesn’t work out quite right. You do not have to contribute to this view to benefit from Reiki.”

Maybe it can be that the answer we seek is simpler. Can it be that spirituality will not only affect our physical health and state of mind positively but will actually also assist us moving closer to our Creator?

One of the basic principles of religion is that our Creator has shaped us in his image. This would mean that we are all of Divine origin that all of us have some of the divine residing within us.

Spirituality teaches us this fact. Spirituality reawakens us to the fact that we are divine beings and can be the co – creators of our own destiny with our Creator. Spirituality empowers people with the knowledge that they all have a piece of their divine creator locked away in their hearts and souls. Tapping into the tremendous “god force” within us makes us able to achieve miracles and wonders we never thought possible. Our creator has instilled within us a tremendous creative force and ability. We can become empowered in this knowledge and become bold in our everyday undertakings. A creative force our “Creator” created us all and we have all some creative ability to one extent or another.

In conclusion we can say that spirituality will not only benefit our physical and mental health positively but will also assist us in moving closer to our Creator and therefore will empower us in becoming the creative aspect of ourselves that will assist us in manifesting more of our beloved creator into our everyday lives.

© Juan de Beer (2005) Red Ray Healing Centre