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Reiki as a viable option in hospitals

He is an ill body wrapped up in a hospital room. Bright lights shining, tv blaring and footsteps bouncing over the floor as they run towards another mission. He is weak with the pain that racks his body and anguish is sketched into his face by the invisible pen of dread. The crisis is building up to a crescendo and every one is too busy with their duties to take any notice. Fear takes over; that uncontrollable fist that grips the heart and lungs, quickening the beat and shortening the breath. He is too locked up to say or do anything except feel his emotions rocketing around like a tin of paint on a shaker. He prays for the time to come when it will all subside; that sweet feeling of letting go and tumbling into the darkness. And then, a sweet lady comes along and stands by his feet, emitting a light that surrounds him and gently envelops his mind – plucking the fear right out of its seat. Serenity takes a stand and flourishes her hand, soothingly soft, peacefully filling him up with an energy so powerful, so intelligent yet so gentle and loving. As the force of Reiki energy floods over his body, he is filled with the compassion and light that bursts around him. He knows in that instant that he is loved by a force so great! That feeling of Love: being loved and lovable all in one. He feels the private tears of joy brushing his cheeks as he basks in this expression of Divine touch. He can feel his body and mind relax as his anxiety floats away. In this higher state, he is aware of this light streaming from the gentle hands and heart of his angel in the room. She is still there, quietly allowing herself to be the channel of this stream of Divine consciousness. He tries to reach up to touch her. But he is too weak now. Tomorrow he will. He knows, for that love and peace will stay with him and give him strength.

Reiki transcends fear. It neutralises the toxic wastes of unbidden thoughts and emotions that are trapped in the body. Thoughts create vibrations that surround and permeate the body and these vibrations affect the wellbeing of every organ and every cell. Heavy thoughts like anger, jealousy, and worry weigh the energy down and cause a temporary shift in the healthy frequencies of the body. Once thoughts become happy or peaceful again, the vibration normalises. But what if it is too hard to change your thoughts and the heavy vibrations are kept in the body? Simply put, the body starts to talk. Aches and pains set in, reminding us that all is not well. So a quick fix is taken to treat the symptoms, but not the cause. The body complains some more, begging us to take notice. Then one day, the body starts to conk in and feelings become distraught. All that was needed from the start was an energy balance; replacing the negative thoughts or resistant feelings and behaviours with positive ones. Reiki can do that. How?

Reiki is a range of high frequency energies that is channelled from a trained practitioner. The practitioner has been tuned into this specific range of energy by a Reiki Master, and s/he acts as the conduit for this Universal (Rei) Life force (Ki) energy and can transmit it to any living being. Because this energy comes from Divine Source, it is highly intelligent and is able to tune into the areas of imbalance in the body, thoughts and emotions. It is kind of like automatically retuning the different channels on your TV to get a clear signal and good picture. Ultimately, Reiki assists the body, mind and spirit to heal itself.

Reiki healing is powerful yet gentle. The practitioner has the ability to direct Reiki energy in person or even from a distance, as Reiki energy does not have to be hands on for it to work. Because Reiki is from Universal intelligence, it knows exactly where and on what level a person needs healing. The practitioner simply directs the Reiki and it does its work. The beauty of Reiki is that it can be used in conjunction with medical practices without any interference from either side.

In a hospital environment where there is a lot of activity and disruption, Reiki can still be administered. It is such a flexible healing form that it can be beamed to a patient from a chair, or directed through the feet or hands of the patient. Research worldwide has shown Reiki to benefit those in hospital as it slows down the brain waves, encouraging deep relaxation. This in turn helps to calm the mind and release fear. Reiki then automatically relaxes the tension that causes a lot of the pain, high blood pressure and lower immunity, all of which affect the recovery rate of the patient. Reiki can soothe a fretful baby in ICU and calm the distressed mother. In palliative care, Reiki helps to alter the severity of those restless thoughts that are tossed about in the mind like a tennis ball and take away peace and calm. Reiki assists in the gentle passing of a patient and also helps in the family circle with their grief.

Reiki is an ancient healing method that originated in Japan and the energy balancing techniques have spread around the globe because of its gentle yet powerful effectiveness. Reiki has nothing to do with religion and the only followers it has are those that have witnessed the gentle power of Universal Life Force energy at work. Reiki is channelled from Divine consciousness/God/All that is/the Field, and it is pure LOVE. What more could we ask for than to give and receive healing with such a powerful force of Spirit?

Margaret Ann Stolle is an author, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach. She runs her practice in the town of Somerset West in the Western Cape region of South Africa.